Staff Member

Lauren Eddie

Lauren joined the Lifeline staff in January of 2018 as a pregnancy counselor. She’s originally from New Orleans, LA. She got her undergrad in social work at Mississippi College and then continued her education by attending The University of Alabama for grad school. In her free time, she loves hanging out with friends but would pretty much be down for anything as long as people are there. Her favorite foods are popcorn and watermelon. Her two favorite places to travel are DC and Brazil. One thing most people don’t know about her is that she goes by her middle name. She loves the Myers Briggs (she’s an ENFJ herself) and Strengths Finder. She’s also a big fan of planning events, hosting, gathering people, and public speaking (what can’t this girl do). Her three simple joys are friends/family, sunshine, and good music. Her favorite thing about working at Lifeline is the like mindedness in Christ and community. She loves the fact that her job is a calling and a ministry. Everyone truly loves each other, the work, and our clients out of an overflow of how Christ has loved each of us. It’s common practice to find the team praying for each other and for our clients, digging into the word, and seeking out God in their work – something that will never get old to Lauren.