Staff Member

Hannah Marsh

Hi! My name is Hannah Marsh. I am from Birmingham Alabama, and have always lived in or around Birmingham. I joined Lifeline staff on the Asia team in May 2023. I am an adoption specialist/caseworker and have the privilege of guiding families through the international adoption process. I graduated from UAB in April of 2023 with my BSW. Go Blazers! I am from an adoptive family, and my two youngest brothers were adopted from Ukraine back in 2011 through Lifeline. Adopting my brothers, and also having the opportunity traveling back to Ukraine on multiple trips really sparked a love my heart for international adoption, and orphan care.

What I am doing on a perfect weekend evening.

On a perfect weekend evening I would be cooking dinner for a group of friends and then playing games, or having a movie night with them.

Interesting fact about you.

I am the third of seven kids. I also went to culinary school for a year after high school before settling on Social Work.

What do you do when you are not at Lifeline?

Some of the hobbies and activities I love would include being creative with cooking in the kitchen. I love water activities, really anything that has to do with the beach or the lake. I also love traveling internationally, and in the country around the US. I would love to say I have been to all 50 states one day!

Favorite scripture.

Jeremiah 29 11-14, Psalm 65, Psalm 86