Our partnership with King Jesus Church led us to open Busega Community School for the Deaf and Blind in Busega, Uganda, together. Through the school, several dozen deaf or blind children are receiving education, love, healthy food, and care from the staff at the school. Your sponsorship helps provide for the students’ food, education, textbooks, and school supplies and helps pay for the salary of the teachers and administration.


Through sponsoring a child at our partner, Developing Hope, you’re helping provide a safe place to stay for dozens of girls during the school year in Pakistan. You’re also helping provide education resources, healthy food, love, and care and ultimately enabling them to hear the gospel daily. Many of these girls are vulnerable children from a place where they’d never receive good (or any) education or health care. Through sponsorship, they can access these resources and have opportunities for spiritual growth.

India (Chennai)

Our partnership with STEPS Home in Chennai, India, makes sponsoring the girls living at the home a reality. The leader at the home, Tara Manogarom, cares for the girls, shares the good news with them, helps them receive education and ensures their physical needs are met. Your sponsorship helps provide for the girls’ schooling, care, food, uniforms, textbooks, school supplies, and more. The sponsorship money also helps pay for the caregivers’ salaries at the home.

India (Bangalore)

Our partnership with the Hannah Krupa Child Care Center in Bangalore, India, impacts more than 100 children and their families. Many children in the program still live with a living parent but are vulnerable. At the center, each child receives daily healthy meals, tutoring, and lessons about Jesus. The children and their families are then encouraged to attend church services on Sunday mornings. Your monthly sponsorship helps provide food, tutoring resources, opportunities to learn about Jesus, shoes, and a Christmas present for these children.

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