Lifeline is here to support you as you seek to individually care for vulnerable children around the world.

When “urgent” is next to a child’s name, that means that child doesn’t have any sponsors yet. We would love for you to be their first!

We believe it is essential to guard children’s hearts and minds so the gospel can take deep root in their lives. Most of these children come from trauma backgrounds. We seek to protect children from emotional attachment with adults who cannot be physically present with them; instead, we hope to foster healthy relationships with the caregivers who are present with them.

Yes! Our program is unique in that every dollar goes directly to the ministry where your child is. We do not take out any administration fees. This decision is to ensure the children get the most of your sponsorship.

Because of your sponsorship, children receive nutritional meals, education or tutoring, clothing, shoes, health check-ups. You are also ensuring these children get to hear the gospel, have the opportunity for discipleship from Bible-centered caregivers, and receive trauma-informed care.

That depends! When a child has “urgent” marked next to their name, that means they do not have a sponsor yet, and you could be their first! About $150 is necessary each month to fully cover the needs of each child. We have broken down our sponsorship opportunities to have five available sponsorships for each child. You can see next to the child’s name how many open sponsorships opportunities they have.

Yes! We are working to add a feature to increase your giving options. When you sign up to sponsor a child, click the feature “increase my gift” to adjust your monthly payment.*

Great question. That answer depends on the country and ministry. Some countries like Pakistan are not open to International adoption at this time. Additionally, most of these children still have a living parent or guardian. Each child in our program comes from vulnerable and impoverished situations where their guardian needs assistance to provide for the child. Without assistance, many of these children would be living on the street, susceptible to lives of crime or trafficking.

You will receive a general newsletter every quarter. This newsletter will share an update on each ministry within our sponsorship program. While these newsletters will not be child-specific, you can expect a couple of personalized updates regarding your child a year.

To keep costs minimum, and keep all the payments directed toward the child, we keep our newsletters digital.

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