Resources For Babysitters and Childcare Workers

As a foster or adoptive parent, it is important for you to seek childcare for your children where the workers understand and can provide at least a very base level of trauma-informed care. These training videos can help prepare everyone from your favorite date night babysitter to church nursery workers as they care for children who have been adopted or are in foster care. Caring for this population of children looks different and requires a different skill set than caring for a child who has a stable history filled with loving, consistent caregivers. It is best that this care is provided in partnership with the parents to ensure all are working together on behalf of the children.


  • How to Interact with Children who have been Adopted and Children who are in Care
  • Why Children Might Act Differently: Understanding Attachment
  • Why Children Might Act Differently: Delays and Differences
  • How to Manage Difficult Behaviors
  • How to Show Sensitivity toward Adoptive and Foster Families: Language Sensitivity

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