Pray for Togo

One of the ways you can get involved in Togo is to begin praying for the needs that are present there. Check back occasionally to see an updated list of prayer requests for this country.

Prayer Points

Pray for the 90% of Togolese lost without Christ.  

Pray that the Voodoo spirit would be torn down with the truth of Christ. 

Pray that the Church would rise up to engage in orphan care with the skills and abilities God has uniquely given them.  

Pray that God would raise up churches in the United States to champion a cause for the fatherless and put Togo on their heart.  

Pray for Winer (pronounced “winner”), pastor and partner in Togo, as he enters his new role as a pastor and has recently been married. 

Pray for the church Winer leads in Kpotave (20 miles from the capital of Lome) that it would become a beacon of hope for those in the surrounding area. 

Pray for the development of new efforts and growing relationships with Lifeline partners in Togo. 

Pray for Godwin in his efforts to make a living for his family and help provide for the needs of the orphanage he grew up in. Ask God’s blessing and direction in Godwin’s efforts to grow his farm through the raising of chickens and pigs, as well as the production of eggs and corn 

Pray for new Lifeline partnerships to develop in Togo.

Pray for pastor John Amessinou as he explores the best ways to care for vulnerable children in and around Togoville. 

Pray God would open doors to new opportunities with orphanages who might benefit from partnership and training in the future. 

Pray for our (un)adopted staff, that we would have clear direction from the Lord as to next steps and best ways to move forward with where God is already at work in Togo.