Once considered a curse, now a blessing.

In a small village in Uganda, children are being rescued from a life of rejection and isolation—through education and the gospel. A school for the deaf and blind has brought hope and life to those who were literally cast aside because of the way they were born: Deaf and blind children in this community are considered outcasts.

In 2012, under the vision of Pastor Raphael, King Jesus Church and Lifeline began the Busega Community School for the Deaf and Blind, seeking to restore these vulnerable kids with their families and show them the love of Jesus. As Pastor Raphael saw his community through the eyes of Christ, he had a vision to establish this school where children would be loved, valued, offered an education, and taught the story of Christ.

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Dienna is a little girl attending this school in Busega, Uganda.  She was born deaf, and her father abandoned the family under the pressure of caring for her. Dienna’s mother explored every option, looking for a school that could help with Dienna’s education. A mutual friend introduced her mother to Pastor Raphael, and he was able to share about the value Dienna had as a person created by God and how her education and care would be championed at the Busega Community School for the Deaf and Blind.

As Dienna began to attend school daily, she learned to communicate through sign language. She learned of the hope and gospel of Jesus Christ, and her life began to change. She even learned to dance, and both her hands and feet became vessels of praise to the Lord.

Dienna’s mother’s life has been dramatically impacted through Dienna’s enrollment at the school, as she has seen the value of Dienna’s life: “I used to think Dienna was a curse because of her deafness, but now I know that she is really a blessing.” Dienna’s father has also returned to the family.

This story is just one of many from Uganda and from around the world of how God is reconciling children and broken families to himself. Through Lifeline, you have the opportunity to join God in His work in honor of Mother’s Day by sponsoring a child like Dienna in Uganda or another precious girl in Pakistan in honor of a special woman in your life.

The woman you honor will receive this beautiful print of Ephesians 3:20-21 and a note acknowledging your gift. Please allow 3 business days for shipping. Digital version available for rush. Your sponsorship of these children will have lasting impact on the child, their family, and their community.

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Email us at [email protected] with any questions. Thank you for partnering with Lifeline this Mother’s Day.