Lifeline Children’s Services Commemorates Dobbs Decision Anniversary

Lifeline Children’s Services Commemorates Dobbs Decision Anniversary

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — Lifeline Children’s Services, the largest evangelical adoption and child welfare agency in the United States, commemorates the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization

Lifeline’s president Herbie Newell issued the following statement on Thursday:

“Our organization remains steadfast in protecting the lives of vulnerable children and women as image bearers of our Lord.  As we observe the first anniversary of Dobbs, we urge everyone, including churches, policymakers and communities across our country, to continue to protect the unborn and prioritize the well-being of mothers. Lifeline is committed to advocating for human flourishing by delivering resources to families facing unplanned pregnancies, providing adoption services both domestically and internationally, and fostering family reunification care.

“We are prepared for the long road ahead of changing hearts and minds on this issue. Individuals need to continue serving those in their communities, voting for policymakers who will make a positive impact and giving their time and resources to organizations that are continuing to partner with like-minded organizations and advocate for human flourishing.”

Lifeline Children’s Services is the largest Evangelical Christian adoption agency in America, with offices in 18 states and headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama. It serves vulnerable children and families through private domestic and international adoption, family restoration and pregnancy counseling.