Join Lifeline at CAFO 2017

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What is CAFO?

Each year, we look forward to partnering with Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit, and this year is no exception!

#CAFO2017 is a two-day conference for orphan care advocates, adoptive and foster families, pastors, churches, professionals, those wanting to learn how to get involved in caring for the fatherless, and ANYONE who would like to be encouraged and equipped in the orphan care conversation. We’re excited to be attending and sponsoring this year in Nashville, TN on May 4th & 5th!

Below are the breakouts you can find us teaching at during #CAFO2017. Make sure to stop by our Lifeline booth and say hi, as well! You don’t want to miss out on #CAFO2017, and we’d love to see you there.

Lifeline Breakouts at CAFO 2017

Engaging Churches with Birth Families and Supporting Reunification – Traci Newll & Christie Mac Segars

For many in the foster care system, birth family engagement can be an obscure idea, when in reality, it is an exciting opportunity for the Body of Christ to provide hope, connection and community to struggling parents. Supporting and engaging with birth parents towards reunification can result in powerful transformation for the family. This workshop seeks to educate participants about the need for Christian community for reunifying families and practical ways to show the love of Christ to this untapped population within the foster care system.

Entering Into Suffering: A look at suffering with, and on behalf of, Children – Whitney White

Although it may be one of the greatest challenges of a person’s life, entering into suffering with children who have experienced tremendous amounts of pain can be an incredible God glorifying act of obedience. God uses the act of suffering for the sake of someone else to bring about healing and transformation in the lives of His people and children. This breakout will help equip and empower you to “enter in” with confidence that the Lord will work in and through you.

Replacing Shame with Empowerment: Encouraging Women in the Adoption Conversation (Co-leading with BraveLove)

The shame and stigmas surrounding unplanned pregnancies, combined with the history of adoption practices, have made adoption the most unpopular option for women facing unplanned pregnancies. Society’s focus on immediate solutions and instant gratification make adoption the option rarely-considered by pregnant teens. As a result, less than 2% of women in unplanned pregnancies choose adoption. Yet it can be one of the most courageous and loving decisions a woman can make for her child, for herself and for the adoptive family. Join this panel discussion on how to better advocate for both adoption and birth moms. We’ll review facts, dispel myths, share stories, and provide resources on ways to talk about the empowering option of adoption. Inform yourself about how the entire triad can benefit from the decision to place for adoption. Imagine yourself providing a compelling response to a friend, neighbor, co-worker or family member the next time you hear about someone facing an unplanned pregnancy. Write down responses and read them aloud at the end so people can hear all the ideas and be inspired.

Interested in attending CAFO 2017? You can learn more and register here.