Two Older Children from Taiwan Need Forever Families

Help find Alex and Eden forever families!

Our team is prayerfully searching for families for 9-year-old Alex and 9-year-old Eden. Both children are on the waiting child list for adoption. At Lifeline, it is our heart to advocate for all orphans, especially older ones like these precious children. Please join us in advocating for Eden and Alex!

A Little About Alex

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What a precious little boy! Alex has an outgoing and social personality! His foster mother describes him as “an affectionate child who is helpful and talkative.” He loves meeting strangers and forming new relationships. Alex likes sleeping with stuffed animals, enjoys school, and cares for others. Playing on the playground at school, football, chess, and jigsaw puzzles are some of his favorite activities. Alex needs a stable and safe place to call home.

A Little About Eden


Eden is a sweet, loving child who has a smile that absolutely melts your heart! Her foster family describe her as “lively!” She is currently in the third grade of a resource class, and appears to adapt well to new situations with guided help. Eden does have developmental delays, as well as nearsightedness in both eyes. The best family for her would be an empathetic and encouraging one where she can receive consistency, and freely express her feelings.

Please join us in praying that families will come forward for Alex and Eden!

You can search for Alex or Eden in our waiting child portal for more information not disclosed in this article due to protection for the children. Also, feel free to speak with an adoption specialist in our office!

How Can You Help?

  • Adopt: Is the Lord calling you to consider adopting Alex or Eden? Please don’t hesitate to ask questions and pray about whether this may be an option for your family.
  • Advocate: Share our social media posts about Alex and Eden, and reach out to families you know who may be called to adopt him or her. Spread the word about their need for families!
  • Pray: For a family to be called to be a forever home for sweet Alex and precious Eden, for their hearts, and for the Lord’s plan in each of their lives.
  • Give: Adoption can be expensive, which has the potential to be a deterrent to families considering the call. Your financial gift could make a difference in children’s lives being changed forever through family.

If you would like to learn more about these children, please contact our Taiwan Program social workers at (205) 967-0811 or email [email protected].