Change One Life — Stories of Impact



Forgotten. Uneducated. Empty.

George was born in Liberia, the 4th poorest country in the world, crippled by years of civil war. George was 1 of Liberia’s 100,000 orphans, who like his peers, were often overlooked and forgotten.

When he was a young teen, George attended his first life skills camp, hosted by Lifeline’s partner ministry REAP, a local Christian orphan care ministry. At camp, he followed the agricultural track, learning about weather, botany, and successful harvesting practices. He hopes he can one day find a job as a farmer in the agricultural community where he lives. More importantly, George found friendship, compassion, and the sustaining love of the gospel at camp.

George is one life changed.


Young. Separated. Helpless.

Jamee grew up in foster care. As an adult, she and Erick met and had two children of their own. But the cycle didn’t stop. Their kids were also taken into foster care. 

As a young couple struggling to get their kids back and make their family whole again, Jamee and Erick began participating in a Families Count™ course at a local church in their state. Through Lifeline’s Families Count, the couple was matched with older mentors whom God clearly hand-picked for the relationship. The mentors walked closely with Jamee and Erick as they completed classes required for reunification with their children. The church also supported the young couple and helped find furniture and other necessities for their home. The mentor husband even taught Erick skills like mowing the lawn. 

The care shown to Jamee and Erick truly made an impact as they saw the love of Christ firsthand. They each committed their lives to Christ and were married by the pastor of the Families Count hosting church. 

Today Jamee and Erick have been reunited with their children, and Jamee was hired as a peer support specialist for a non-profit. She serves with “lived experience” in a support role for those struggling with issues that once plagued her. Jamee and Erick are eager to start helping in a Families Count class in order to see a succession of hurt turn into a succession of hope.

They are one life changed.


Pressured. Hesitant. Poor.

Emily found Lifeline’s pregnancy support center in early 2020. She was expecting and her partner was pushing for an abortion. Already vulnerable, her partner threatened to leave her if she decided to choose life for the baby. Lifeline staff spent hours with Emily, ministering to her, listening to her, helping find good housing and other resources. Suddenly, Emily disappeared and no one heard from her for a long time. 

Months later, the seeds that were planted had flourished. Emily returned to the center, still pregnant. She’d broken free from her unhealthy relationship and was in a much better place overall. She wanted to parent this baby — and she did. 

Later, Emily brought her baby to the center to share in the joy of new life. She also brought a friend who was pregnant and considering an abortion. Emily knew the value of Lifeline’s support and counseling and wanted her friend to experience the same thing. Today Emily’s friend has also heard the gospel and has chosen life for her baby.                             

*Name changed for security reasons.

Emily is one life changed.