Meet Luis

Meet Luis. Luis lives at Las Lomas, a children’s home in Peru, run by Not Forgotten. When Not Forgotten staff found Luis, he was under 5 years of age, standing on the side of the road, and very sick due to parasites. Had the staff not found him when they did, this could have led to his death. After several hospital stays and proper medical intervention, Luis’ health improved tremendously and Las Lomas became his home. During his first few months there, he called every male adult he saw “Papi.” While this seems very sweet, it was a concerning sign that he previously had no relationship with a distinct father figure. After several months, when Luis’ house dad returned from a trip, Luis embraced and welcomed his “Papi” back home. In doing this, the staff at Las Lomas was thrilled by his attachment to his house dad. Until Luis understands what it means to have a loving, dependable earthly father, he will have difficulty believing that there is a heavenly Father who loves him and who can be trusted completely. Since coming to Las Lomas, the staff has seen Luis blossom in many ways, and it is a true testament to the impact healthy families can have on children.