Meet Godwin and Winner

Meet Godwin and Winner.

Godwin and Winner are twin brothers who live in Togo, Africa. They have spent most of their lives learning how to provide for themselves because they grew up without parents. Although they have spent most of their lives in an orphanage, they had the gift of growing up with one another. As brothers, they understood that they needed to provide for themselves but also learned the value of caring for others. Teamwork, they learned could multiply the impact of their skills and knowledge.

Godwin and Winner recently attended a Vocational Training Program provided by (un)adopted and a local partner in Togo. Instead of learning the same skill together, these brothers realized that they could provide for their orphanage in even greater ways if each one learned a different skill set. Godwin learned how to built a chicken coop and how to tend to chickens. Winner learned farming and agricultural skills. When they returned to their orphanage, they began to see how much their skills could impact their community and those around them. Godwin built a chicken coop at the orphanage that is now providing hundreds of eggs for children at the orphanage to eat. Winner is renting a small piece of land to grow corn, also providing food for his orphanage.

Godwin and Winner are not simply knowledge gatherers, though; they are using their training and experience to teach others how to provide for themselves and their community. Godwin is teaching other orphans how to care for chickens, and Winner is teaching others how to start their own crops. What began as a short-term vocational training experience has turned into the opportunity to change not only their lives, but also the lives of other orphans. These brothers were provided an opportunity to escape the cycle of poverty in their own lives and multiplied it into life-changing skills for numerous other orphans.

And, even more importantly than learning valuable trades, Godwin and Winner have grown in their understanding of the gospel and were impacted by the life-changing grace and love of Christ. Godwin and Winner are both very strong believers, and the trades that they have learned have provided them with great platforms to share the Gospel. They both love to teach and preach the word and do so regularly. The skills learned through (un)adopted’s training program have changed their lives; the gospel is changing the hope of their future and eternity.