Expatriate Residents of any country outside of the United States can expect the following estimated fees in addition to your program fees: OUT-OF-POCKET ADOPTION EXPENSES: The following estimated expenses will be paid out-of-pocket during the home study process: Local Background Check    …

The Lowe Family

Adoption can be a challenging process, but for an expat family it can get rather complicated as you add in more countries and steps along the way. Working with Lifeline we never felt like we were trying to figure things out on…

The Godin Family

As expats, we had no idea where to begin. Zero. After conducting some research and talking with a few friends, Lifeline’s name kept coming to the forefront.

The Dobelstein Family

We live and work in North Africa, so we were unsure of how to begin the process. Because we are connected with Lifeline through our home church, we simply contacted Lifeline with our thoughts. They were incredibly encouraging and helpful from the…

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