God used an unplanned pregnancy and other trials to bring Ashleigh back to Him and her faith

One of Lifeline’s pregnancy counselors, Halie, worked with an expectant mother, Ashleigh*, from October 2022 until February 2023. They are still in communication and Halie is meeting with Ashleigh soon to meet her baby girl. Last fall, Ashleigh was in a difficult situation as she was facing an unplanned pregnancy, questioning her faith, experiencing isolation and loneliness due to relational conflicts, and using substances to cope with the struggles of life.  

Halie was able to talk through Ashleigh’s options for her pregnancy, support her, and connect her to resources for several months. Supporting her day to day often looked like praying for her, checking in to see how she was doing, meeting with her weekly, getting her connected to pregnancy resource centers, and helping her make appointments. Most importantly, Halie was able to share the truths of the gospel with Ashleigh which became balm to her wounded soul. 

Recently, Ashleigh gave birth to a healthy baby and shared with Halie that she is sober, has stable housing, has reconnected with her ex-husband and children, and is happily parenting! Ashleigh shared with Halie that she was able to see God’s faithfulness in this situation and knows that He is with her. 

 The Lifeline team realizes it is a privilege to walk alongside women and share the gospel with them and support them in their plan. The support of Lifeline’s donors truly enables our ministry to do Kingdom work.  

*Names have been changed for confidentiality.