Country: Ukraine Adoption

Age Range: 5-18 years old
Sibling Groups: Yes, common
Medical Special Needs: Minor to Significant
Marriage Length: 1 year
Single Women: No
Expat Accepted: Yes, on a case by case basis
In-Country Travel: 3 trips, total of 30 days

We are currently seeing individual children 8+ years old coming home. However, it is also common to see children under 5 with significant medical special needs, or younger children as part of a sibling group are also common. We also see sibling groups of all ages coming home. Common needs in Ukraine are sibling groups, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, HIV, and complex syndromes.

Ukraine is a blind referral process. Families are not matched with a child until after arriving in country for the first trip and completing an appointment with the central authority.

The process of adopting from Ukraine is estimated to take approximately 12-24 months.

Families will travel to Ukraine on three required trips. The first trip is approximately 10 days where families complete an appointment with the central authority, receive a referral and meet the prospective adoptive child. Trip two is approximately 1 week and the family must be present for a court appointment. The final trip is approximately 2-4 weeks depending on the child’s region and the family will complete legal documentation and visa paperwork.

About Ukraine

Lifeline has had an adoption program in Ukraine since 2001. Lifeline has a rich and long history in adoptions from this country, and while this is not an easy country to adopt from, some Lifeline’s families are truly called to parent children from Ukraine.

The Need

We see a great need for families open to adopting older children. Ukraine adoption law permits that children over the age of 5 are available for international adoption.

How You Can Help

Families can serve Ukraine through either international adoption or our (un)adopted partnerships in country. Our partners operate a special needs program for children in the community. These children are provided with loving care and gospel truth.

Other Ways to Get Involved

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