Country: Ukraine

Age Range of Children: 5 and older
Sibling Groups: Yes, common
Age Requirement: 25 and up
Marriage Requirements: 1 year
Single Women: No
Expats: Yes, case by case basis
Level of Special Need: Minor to Severe

Serving Ukraine Through Lifeline

Ukraine is a beautiful country with a distinct culture and abundant history in Eastern Europe. With a population of over 40 million people and its significant size, there are plenty of opportunities to serve this unique country.  Lifeline has been supporting missional families through international adoption and our (un)adopted partnerships for decades.

International Adoption

About Ukraine

Lifeline has had an adoption program in Ukraine since 2001. Lifeline has a rich and long history in adoptions from this country, and while this is not an easy country to adopt from, Lifeline’s families are truly called to children from Ukraine.

The Need

Older children, above age 5, are available for international adoption due to Ukraine adoption law.

How You Can Help

Families can serve Ukraine through either international adoption or our (un)adopted partnerships in country. 


(Un)adopted is honored to work with two amazing partners in the Odessa region of Ukraine. Madison and Yuriy Perekotiy work alongside Heritage Ukraine to bring the gospel to orphans and vulnerable children with special needs. Since 2007 Heritage has been working with volunteers to care for children in many orphanages throughout the region. Now serving an average of 600 children in camps from eighteen orphanages, Heritage seeks to impact these lives in an eternal way. Madison and Yuriy work in tandem with Heritage in their efforts, especially those children who are deaf. 

What’s Happening in Ukraine

Pray for Ukraine

One of the ways you can get involved in Ukraine is to begin praying for the needs that are present there. Check back occasionally to see an updated list of prayer requests for this country. Prayer Points Pray for the Lord to…

Ukraine Financial Information

Lifeline Agency Fees: Application – $300 This non-refundable fee is due at submission of your application.  Once the application is accepted, then it will be processed by Lifeline to ensure you meet agency and country requirements.  Acceptance of the application constitutes the…

Who We Are

Lifeline has been bringing gospel hope and a future to orphaned children for over 35 years. Today, we have over 100 staff members on the phone, in meetings, and out in the field all working together to find incredible families for children…

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Other Ways to Get Involved
Other Ways to Get Involved