Country: India

Age Range of Children: 18 months - 16 years
Sibling Groups: Yes
Marriage Requirements: 1 year
Single Women: Yes
Expats: No
Level of Special Need: Moderate to Severe

Serving India Through Lifeline

Lifeline was licensed to facilitate adoptions through India in 2014 and our first families began the process in 2015. Our relationship with the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA), is positive and has continued to strengthen since establishing our program. Lifeline’s international program leaders frequently travel to meet with CARA to sustain our positive relationship and we have a number of active (un)adopted partners within India.

International Adoption

About India

Through our adoption program, our team works with specialized adoption agencies all over this beautiful country. CARA cares deeply for the children that are placed for adoption and remain supportive of U.S. families pursuing the adoptions of children with special needs. This program continues to flourish and we are excited to partner with families in the adoption process.

The Need

The country of India has more than 20 million orphans, making it home to the largest population of orphans in the world today.

How You Can Help

Lifeline began a program to facilitate adoptions from India within the last decade. Lifeline also works alongside ministries within India to minister to the fatherless through orphan care. (un)adopted® partners with two ministries in India — STEPS Home in Chennai and Hannah Krupa Child Care Center in Bangalore. 


(un)adopted® partners with two ministries in India: Hannah Krupa Child Care Center, and STEPS Children’s Home. 

We are excited to have the opportunity to share specific ways you, your family or your church can come alongside these ministries! Your generosity will play a crucial role in the care of many vulnerable children around the world! STEPS Home is a girls’ home founded in 2007 and currently cares for 18 orphaned or vulnerable girls. Our partners, The Manogaroms, started the home because of a deep desire to care for the least of these and saw a severe need within their country. At the home, the girls receive love, care, an education, healthy nutrition and most importantly, hear the Word of the Lord. 


Krupa and his wife, Hannah, run Hannah Krupa Child Care Center. The center is located in the heart of a surrounding slum. It is designed to provide a safe place for roughly 120 kids in the community to come and find help with school work, a hot meal and they hear the gospel!  

Hannah and Krupa run the center using money from Hannah’s working salary, and support through incoming donations. Surrounding church families volunteer at the center or they donate financially toward the day to day costs.

Krupa also serves as a pastor of Hannah Krupa Memorial Church, and the families from this church also contribute to the needs of the center.


STEPS Children’s Home was opened in 2007 in Chennai, India, and started with 3 girls who were rescued from difficult circumstances. Today they are in a new home location – moved there in 2016 – and can house 19 girls. They seek to provide a safe, clean living condition for girls that are orphans, or vulnerable children, along with an education through high school. Most, if not all of the girls, attend Anita Methodist school in Chennai. STEPS also have 5-7 staff members who serve the girls and have been with them for several years.

What’s Happening in India

Pray for India

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India Financial Information

Lifeline Agency Fees: Application – $300 This non-refundable fee is due at submission of your application.  Once the application is accepted, then it will be processed by Lifeline to ensure you meet agency and country requirements.  Acceptance of the application constitutes the…

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