Country: India Adoption

Age Range: 12 Months - 16 Years Old
Sibling Groups: Yes
Medical Special Needs: Moderate to Significant
Marriage Length: 2 Years
Single Women: Yes
Expat Accepted: No
In-Country Travel: 3-4 Weeks

We are currently seeing families travel home with children ages 3-5 with moderate medical special needs. Older children and older sibling groups with, or without, medical special needs are also common.

Families are first approved by the central authority of adoption in India following home study finalization. Once approved, they enter into the matching process where Lifeline’s team will present families with one file at a time within their specified capacity. Families have up to 30 days to review a file. Once families submit acceptance paperwork and their dossier, the match proceeds through the central authority and court approval processes.

The process of adopting from India is estimated to take approximately 2-3 years and depends on a family’s openness to age range, special needs and sibling groups.

Families will travel to India for approximately 3-4 weeks to complete their adoption. The trip consists of a family day at the child’s SAA and then the family will travel to Delhi to complete important appointments for the child’s visa and exit permits. Lifeline has an amazing in-country team who walks alongside families each step of the way and provides support during a families stay in India. The in-country team provides transportation and guide services.

About India

Through our adoption program, our team works with specialized adoption agencies all over this beautiful country. CARA cares deeply for the children that are placed for adoption and remain supportive of U.S. families pursuing the adoptions of children with special needs. This program continues to flourish and we are excited to partner with families in the adoption process.

The Need

The country of India has more than 20 million orphans, making it home to the largest population of orphans in the world today.

How You Can Help

Lifeline began a program to facilitate adoptions from India within the last decade. Lifeline also works alongside ministries within India to minister to the fatherless through orphan care. (un)adopted® partners with two ministries in India — STEPS Home in Chennai and Hannah Krupa Child Care Center in Bangalore. 

Other Ways to Get Involved
Other Ways to Get Involved



What's Happening in India Adoption

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