Change One Family

Through the Hope Adoption Fund, barriers are removed from between waiting children and hopeful families.  

The Edwards family have been gracious donors toward Lifeline’s Hope Adoption Fund for years. Mark Edwards said he and his family decided to contribute to the Hope Adoption Fund because “we wanted to intentionally try to get kids out of orphanages and into Christian homes.”  

Mark explained the opportunity is unique because “It allows us to take the ministry of giving to a deeper level than just giving to a fund that you don’t know specifically where the money goes.” The Hope Adoption Fund provides scholarships for adopting families and assistance to children needing advocacy.  

The family comes together to decide the families they will support by giving. Four generations total of the Edwards family give to the Hope Adoption Fund. Mark has been able to teach generational giving to his children as a result.  

His family has been impacted because the process has brought them together. Mark said, “it raises awareness in our own family of how blessed we are to have a forever family, and what a blessing it is to help other people have that as well.”  

Mark encouraged others to donate to the Hope Adoption Fund because “it’s an opportunity to share resources with families who need the support and are willing to adopt children, and it’s such a blessing for everybody involved.”  

You can be a part of changing more lives through the Hope Adoption Fund. Donate today to Change One Family.