Pray for Belize

One of the ways you can get involved in Belize is to begin praying for the needs that are present there. Check back occasionally to see an updated list of prayer requests for this country.

Prayer Points

Pray economic opportunity would prevail. 

Pray the youth of this country would find role models and mentors rather than acceptance in gangs. 

Pray the government is encouraged and strengthened. 

Pray they would be willing to receive help and assistance from us.

Pray the local church will stand upon its firm foundation in Jesus. 

Pray believers would seek the giver, not the gift, and joy and peace would abound through the poured into them through the Holy Spirit.

Pray Eph. 3:14-19 for the families in Belize. 

Pray men would desire to be husbands, fathers, and leaders in their homes.

Pray God would be at the center of our vision.

Pray for our partners as we build relationships and trust within the community. 

Pray we would feel encouraged and strengthened as we move forward. Pray for our family and our girls as we foster.