National Day of Prayer

“And this is the confidence that we have toward Him, that if we ask anything according to His will He hears us.” –

1 John 5:14

The Lord commands us to pray confidently, and He promises that He will hear us. Today and every day at Lifeline, we believe this truth stands firm in scripture. We want to hold fast to God’s Word as an organization and approach Him with our burdens and desires, expectant that He will hear us and answer us according to His will. 

Each department at Lifeline spends time at the beginning of each year crafting a prayer points list for present needs in their sector. In each department’s daily devotional and small group time throughout the year, the prayers are meditated on and brought to God.

As we honor our National Day of Prayer on May 4 as a country, we are extending these specific prayers to the public, inviting anyone who feels called to pray with us to do so. 

International Adoption

      We are praying that the Lord would call more Christian, missional families to adopt older children or children with significant special needs, as they are often the ones left behind. We are also praying that the Lord would increase our advocacy efforts for waiting children to make known the need for orphan care that exists across the world. We need prayers for wisdom and diligence at Lifeline as we educate and prepare families for the journey of international adoption and support them once home with their children. Finally, we are praying for favor as we apply for adoption programs in more countries in efforts to offer more opportunities for international adoptive parents.

Domestic Adoption

      We have seen an increase in older child domestic adoptions this year. We are praying first for the Lord to provide a way for family preservation. When that is not an option, we pray for these adoptive families to be emotionally prepared and equipped to parent a child with a compromised beginning to life. We also pray for healing for these children from the trauma, loss, and separation from their birth family. Following the overturning of Roe, we are praying for protection and endurance for the Pregnancy Resource Centers that we partner with. As more expectant moms seek assistance and answers, that they will be ready to share the hope of the Gospel and that more women would come to know and have a relationship with Jesus.

Pregnancy Counseling

      We are praying for the hearts of the women who participate in our Pregnancy Counseling program. We are praying that as they seek answers and assistance, they will be met with the Father’s abounding love and grace. We are praying that these women will come to know and have personal relationships with Jesus. We are praying that their decisions in their pregnancy will align with God’s will for their life. We are also praying for our counselors at Lifeline. We are praying that they exude the characteristics of Jesus as they walk alongside expectant mothers. We are praying that their cup never runs dry and that the Lord uses them as vessels to speak through daily. 

Church Partnerships

We are wholeheartedly praying that churches will see being pro-life in a more holistic way, recognizing the value of life both inside and outside of the womb. Also, we are praying that pastors and church leaders will clearly see the Biblical call to care for orphaned and vulnerable children and their families and that their understanding of this call will permeate their preaching, teaching, and leadership. We are praying that God will bring us into new church partnerships here at Lifeline. In the meantime, we are praying that we are able to grow deeper in our existing church partnerships, and that those churches will welcome our team for opportunities to preach and share the ministry of Lifeline. Finally, we are praying for greater ethnic diversity among our church partnerships. 

Family Restoration

Families Count- We have witnessed the saving work of Christ among many parents who’ve participated in Families Count. We are asking the Lord to bring more moms and dads to a saving knowledge of Himself!  We are praying that the Lord will stir up change in families – starting with parents – and the end of generational cycles in foster care. With new growth (Praise the Lord for new church partners!), we are asking the Lord to provide more laborers. Our church partners need mentors, transporters, and childcare workers for their Families Count classes. Let’s never cease to marvel at the Father’s saving work through a parenting class required for family reunification!

Heritage Builders- We are praying for God to open the eyes of His Church to the plights of vulnerable children, youth, and families—and to have compassion for them. We are asking God to continue bringing forth churches that will desire to learn about and step into ministry designed to support and serve at-risk birth families and teens living in foster care. We are also praying that God will provide perseverance, commitment, and understanding to engaged church members, as the fruits of these ministries can take a long while to witness.  We are praying that we will remember that demonstrating care and sharing the Good News, even if it is with one person at a time, are significant steps. We are asking God to execute justice for, deliver from, and redeem what can seem so despairing and broken in the lives of the oppressed, marginalized, and needy.  

Foster Care- We are praying for an abundance of gospel-minded foster families to enter the system and champion parents and children being reconciled back together. We are asking that the children who will not be reunified with their families and who are waiting for their forever family will receive permanency through adoptive families who will love them like Christ. We are praying for mothers and fathers who are taking steps to get their children back from the foster care system. We are also praying that they will know their God-given worth, that they will be strengthened to stay the course, and that they will be fully restored as a family through Christ. 

Education and Counseling

Counseling- We are praying for families and individuals who need specialized help to find our services. We are also praying that our clients will connect with themselves, their stories, their families, and ultimately God for healing. We want families to experience deep and lasting healing from enduring wounds. We are asking God to bring us clinicians who are called to serve families who have adopted or are fostering. Finally, we are praying for continued opportunities to deepen our work with clients.

Education- We are praying for wisdom for our team and staff as we seek to create helpful courses and resources to best support those serving children and families. We are asking the Lord to bring families, caregivers, and churches to Lifeline that will benefit from this education. We are praying that the Lord would bring healing to the children’s hearts and lead them to Himself through the attentive care of others. Also, we are boldly asking that the Lord will provide the financial and relational resources so we can best work to support children and families. 

Parent Coaching- We are praying that God would grant parents wisdom and insight into their children’s unique character, and that He would give the stamina and energy emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. We are asking that they would find delight in their child/children.

Bridge- We are praying that we can bring gospel hope to the vulnerable through empowering, strengthening, and shepherding the hearts and minds of children and families that struggle with emotional, cognitive, and relational needs. 


We are praying daily for the businesses that partner with Lifeline. We want their work places to thrive and their teams to succeed. We are praying for the families that partner with us, that they will always be protected and encouraged. We are praying for new supporters to get connected to our ministry. We are praying for doors to open for us as we share the mission of Lifeline. We are praying for our teams’ efforts to multiply in great ways and continue to bring God glory through our work.

Government Affairs

We are strongly lifting prayers up regarding lawmakers across the country. We want them to continue passing policies that legally protect children in the womb. We are also praying for legislators and their staff as they work on laws that promote the well-being of vulnerable children, women, and families. We are praying that stronger partnerships will develop across the country, as we collectively work towards ensuring every child has a safe, permanent, loving, and gospel-centered home. Finally, we are praying that intercountry adoption will continue to be a viable option for children around the world to be welcomed into forever families.