God With Us

As we journey through each day of the Advent season, we’ve gathered special stories from Lifeline families, staff, and friends to share with you, testifying to how the hand of the Lord and the Character of Christ have been magnified through their children and in their families…

And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” John 1:14

The truth in this verse is the entire reason we have Christmas! What a reason to celebrate! God with us through His Son Jesus Christ!

Our family has experienced God with us so much the last 7 years since our first trip to China. The last month is the freshest on my mind, as we just brought home 11 year old twin girls. Before we traveled, we were prepared for the worst, scared of what might be, and uncertain of what life would look like after this adoption. God was with us during the unknown pre-adoption jitters.

The time came to meet our girls, and we struggled with barriers to attachment, communication, cultural differences, and just plain ol’ being strangers to one another. God was with us during the “getting to know you” weeks in China.

We brought our girls home to their many brother and sisters. We prayed for wisdom in easing this transition for all our children. We leaned into the Lord desperate for strength to love unconditionally. God was with us.

Now that we have been home one month, we continue to adjust daily! We rejoice in the progress God is allowing us to see in all our children, but especially the twins. (Last week Cassie wanted to pray for her sister to be able to walk, praise God!) We celebrate the bonding moments with much gratefulness. We teach our children the Gospel every single day. AND GOD IS WITH US.

This Christmas, I am reminded, more than any other year, how thankful I am that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us! He came, He died for our sins, and He rose again to give us life in His Name. He is with us as Believers. He is in us! And the hope of Christmas is that we will be with Him FOREVER in Heaven one day!

“God with us” will take on its full meaning in that day. Praise the Lord!

Laine Ferrill, Lifeline Adoptive Mom