God’s Grace Adoption Ministry

God’s Grace Adoption Ministry, Inc. was established in 1998 as a non-profit organization dedicated to helping place orphaned children of the world into forever families. GGAM is not an adoption agency, but rather works in cooperation with the agency to assist with the family’s financial needs. GGAM seeks to help Christian families overcome the financial burden of adopting children. GGAM believes that the placement of children into Christian homes ministers to their physical needs, but more importantly, influences their lives eternally for the Kingdom of God. GGAM uses matching grants to help families meet adoption expenses.  The matching grant is a commitment of funds by GGAM that is available to the family to the extent that the funds are matched by the family’s community.  Example: GGAM sends a family a letter of commitment for a $1000 matching grant – the family then invites their friends, family, or church community to help match GGAM’s commitment – the family’s community responds with $1000 in matching donations – the family then receives $2000 in assistance towards adoption expenses. If the family raises more then the matching grant amount they will still receive those funds, GGAM just won’t match the additional amount.  For 2018 there are three application deadlines, and you will get a decision within two months. Please visit to access the application and for more information.