Colombia Hosting Advocacy

Lifeline was thrilled to participate in another Colombia hosting program in 2023. Currently, there are three precious girls who are still waiting for their family–two from hosting in 2023 and one from 2022. Please pray with us that these girls are able to come home to a family soon.

Daisy is an 11-year-old girl who participated in Lifeline’s 2023 Colombia hosting program. She loves ballet and enjoys dancing to all types of music. She also likes playing hide and seek. During hosting, Daisy enjoyed swimming, shopping, and spending time outdoors. Daisy has ocular needs and a prosthetic eye. She also has cognitive needs. If you would like to learn more about Daisy, please reach out to Alli here.  

Daisy, Colombia Hosting Program

Laney is a 15-year-old girl who was hosted in the U.S. during our 2023 Colombia hosting program. We loved getting to know Laney during her visit! Laney enjoys playing outdoors and trying different sports. Her favorite pastimes include soccer, dancing, and painting. During hosting, she enjoyed putting puzzles together, cooking with her host family, going to the zoo, and playing with her host family’s pets. Laney has a diagnosis of ADHD. For more information about this precious girl and to hear what her host family learned about her, please email Alli here.  

Laney, Colombia Hosting Program

Paige is a 15-year-old girl who traveled to the U.S. from Colombia for our 2022 hosting program. Paige is a cheerful girl who loves to dance, listen to music, and desires to travel. She has experienced a lot of setbacks in her life, but she has met those challenges with courage and grace. Paige enjoyed her experience in the States and spending time with her host family. When Paige grows up, she hopes to be a psychologist, dancer, or attorney. For more information about Paige, please email Alli here.  

Paige, Colombia Hosting Program