Change One Life

Lifeline’s pregnancy counseling ministry is central to our mission of bringing gospel hope to vulnerable women and children. 

Amanda is a birthmother who found herself unexpectedly pregnant and made the courageous decision to place her child for adoption. She decided not to tell family or friends about her pregnancy due to fear of judgement.  

One night during Amanda’s third trimester, she searched, “what do I do?” when pregnant, and Lifeline’s information came up. She got connected with Lifeline pregnancy counselor Lauren and they quickly met. Even though she felt fearful, talking to Lauren felt “like an old friend… and she made me feel so comfortable.” Amanda felt grateful that Lauren wasn’t judging her.  

Amanda thought the adoption process would be transactional in nature- she compared her expectation to being similar to selling a house. She realized, “it was so much more personal” and that Lauren “was like a sister coming in and holding my hand for me.” 

The adoptive family she chose for her baby “feels like a second family” to Amanda because they truly love her child like he is their own. She knew “if I was going to raise him, how I would want my life to look, that was them.”  

When Amanda got pregnant, she realized she could no longer make decisions on her own. She said, “It makes you realize you need God. We wouldn’t have anything without Him. We have to rely on Him.” She learned through her experience, “no matter the situation, He can take it and make something beautiful out of it.”  

Amanda encouraged people to donate to Lifeline as she reflected, “it’s so much more than just an adoption agency… it’s like a family.” If she hadn’t searched for Lifeline that night, then she knew the outcome of her story would have been dramatically different. Amanda said, “you need those resources, to know that you have somebody that you can talk to, because it’s hard trying to do it alone.” 

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