Change One Church

Through Families Count, local churches have a platform to minister to and walk with broken families to help them be restored and preserved.  

Diane Malone is the Families Count Coordinator at First Baptist Columbus Church in Columbus, Mississippi. Her role includes coordinating with church members who are serving as mentors, providing childcare or transportation, or supplying meals. Families Count has been a ministry of First Baptist Columbus for five years, and Diane has been the Families Count Coordinator for two years.  

Diane knows her church has both blessed and been blessed through their faithful years of ministry through Families Count. She said, “it’s invaluable to watch both mentors and mentees grow in their relationships with Christ.” They have witnessed attendees not only complete the program, but also accomplish other milestones like receiving their GEDs and finishing drug rehabilitation programs.  

According to Diane, other churches should get involved with Families Count because “Families Count is a wonderful way to minister to the community.” She said, “Families Count has provided First Baptist opportunities to live out God’s love and the commandment to love one another.”  

Diane is eager to speak at churches local to her area to promote Families Count. Contact Diane for more information here.  

You can be a part of changing more lives through Families Count. Donate today to Change One Church.