Camp Empower Recap

We had the best time at Camp Empower Birmingham! This week, kids were encouraged, parents were equipped, and families were empowered. The help of wonderful volunteers made it a successful week.

In their nurture groups, campers learned self-regulating behaviors and used breathing exercises like the five-finger technique and the “smell the cookie” technique. Each activity helps to promote attachment and learn self-regulating behaviors. Campers also identified a negative name they believed about themselves and replaced it with a positive new name that was affirmed by their buddies. 

In their brain games groups, campers played entertaining games that strengthened their cognitive functioning skills, which helps them process information. The games help promote working memory and visual and auditory processing growth. They even learned about the parts of the brain and created their own brains out of clay! 

During sensory groups, campers experienced a sensory-rich environment that helped them understand how they physically process the world around them and express their emotions. Campers made stress balls and engaged their senses through touch. They learned the important refrain “Calm Yourself, by Yourself!” 

The last day of Camp Empower was water day! Campers and volunteers alike enjoyed beating the Alabama heat by tossing water balloons, playing tag, and getting adequately soaked! 

Camp Empower could only happen because of our dedicated staff! Cally Burgess is Co-Director and a Lifeline Bridge tutor. Jennifer Ervin, MSW, LCSW, is Co-Director and a counselor for Restore Ministries. Ann Maura Hinton, MS Ed Sped, is a TBRI Practitioner and Director of Lifeline’s Bridge Educational Services.

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