Back-to-School Roundup

You may have your school supply list purchased, or you may not be ready to think about pre-sharpened pencils and notebooks yet. No matter which of these two categories you fall into, we want to help you feel confident as you begin the new school year with your child. We have combined some of our most helpful tips for a new school year and hope you find them helpful as you prepare your home, heart, mind, and children for the upcoming year.

Articles to Read

Transitioning to Routine and Order in a New School Year

Newness and change for a new school year, especially in the first weeks, can be difficult for children from traumatic backgrounds. This article explains tips to help ease the transition.

ABC’s for a Successful Start to the School Year

Changes and transitions can be very daunting for adopted children or children in care who find safety and security in predictability. This article discusses ways that you can help your child be successful in navigating the new academic year and the changes they are about to face.

Back-to-School Tips for Educators

“Educators are vitally important in helping children from challenging backgrounds. If you are an educator who will be teaching a child who has been adopted or a child in foster care this year, congratulations! You have become an integral part of that child’s healing team!”

Podcasts to Listen

Transitioning to Routine and Order in a New School Year

Advocating for your child this school year and Early signs that your child needs an IEP

Webinar to Watch

Back to School: Preparing for a Successful Year

As your family prepares for a new school year, we want to help equip you with practical things you can do to help your child succeed both in and out of the classroom. This webinar covers children’s unique educational needs, how to advocate with the school through IEPs and 504s, and how to impact the culture of your school.