Arthi’s Story

Arthi is a 10-year old girl who was born in India. Arthi lived with her mother when she was a young girl, until one day her mother realized she could no longer provide for her. When Lifeline staff came to visit her in February 2021, she lived at STEPS Children’s Home in Chennai, India, Today, she lives with a loving foster family.

Arthi’s mother told her they were going to visit friends who live in another town. They went to the train station and she told Arthi she was going to get her an apple from the fruit stand. Arthi’s mother never came back. The police found Arthi all alone and she guided them back to her home. When they got there, Arthi’s mother pretended she didn’t recognize her daughter. The police took her away to a temporary hostel for orphaned children, and she never saw her mother again.

By God’s grace, Lifeline’s partners at STEPS Home heard about Arthi’s story and brought her to live with them. They knew it would potentially be a short-term placement, but they were committed to taking care of Arthi. They provided her with an education, gave her food and shelter, and taught her about the love of Christ. Arthi lived at STEPS Home for five years.

After Lifeline’s Executive Director and CEO, Herbie Newell, traveled to Chennai in February 2020 and preached about the call for the believer to care for the orphaned and the vulnerable, a local church approached The STEPS Home and asked to foster a child. Arthi was introduced to a family, who was eager to care for her despite their limited resources, and now Arthi lives with this foster family who is committed to foster her long-term. Because of the commitment of the local church in Chennai, India to care for the vulnerable children in their community, Arthi knows the love of Christ.