Father's Day picture of family walking

An Adoptive Father’s Thoughts on Father’s Day

As father’s day approaches, there are two primary thoughts that come to my mind about being a father, and about having a Heavenly Father.

My wife Liz and I have been blessed with 4 beautiful daughters, 2 biological and 2 adopted.  Prior to leaving for China the first time to adopt our daughter Kate, it was really amazing to watch and participate in everything that happens for an adoption to take place.  It is truly one of the most incredible rescue efforts you will ever get to experience.  I thought often of Kate, lying unaware in her crib in China, with not a single thought or any awareness of the massive rescue effort taking place by literally dozens of people across the world.  Everything from prayer to finances to logistics were underway to bring her home.  And inevitably as a Christian you realize the massive rescue effort that our Heavenly Father has orchestrated for us.  Prior to becoming believers, we are often unaware of the legions of people and angels that are working and praying and planning to bring us home.  I was just like Kate – unknowing that I had a family, a Father, and that I was being pursued, so that I would have a home for eternity.  Our adoption of Kate and Caroline have given me a sweet insight in God’s adoption of us.  And I am thankful for that.

The second thought that comes to mind as a father, on this Father’s Day, is how similar my presence with our children is to our Heavenly Father’s presence in my life.  Here is what I mean by that.  I have seen a dog rush at one of my children, and I instantly snatched up my daughter, shielded her, and carried her away from the danger.  I have been in crowds where one of my daughters felt uncertain and afraid, she did not need to be carried or shielded, but I just lightly place my hand on her head to let her know I am nearby and it is okay.  And I have been at the park where I just watch carefully from a distance as they play.  They do not know always exactly where I am and may not see me, but I always see them and I always watch for any sign of danger or anything that would require me to help them.  And this always reminds me of our Heavenly Father, and how He has picked me up and raced me away from evil, and how He has at other times just gently placed His hand on me to let me know even though I am afraid and uncertain, that He is near.  And when I look around and don’t see Him and feel alone, it helps me to realize that sometimes my kids feel that way, but the truth is that I am always there and always watching and always ready, and it makes me again realize that our Heavenly Father is just like that, too. Praying you have a blessed Father’s Day.

James F. Wessel – Adoptive Father