A Very Present Help

By Rachel Biddy

One truth has been abundantly evident throughout Allen Kajjubi’s life — the Lord is a very present help to her. Quoting Psalm 46:1, she reflected on her life experiences, “One thing I can surely say is that God is the Father of the fatherless and a very present help when trouble strikes.”

Allen became a Christ follower at the age of nine years old. Both her mother and father died, and, “in the agony of despair, I cried out to the Lord… I felt an all-encompassing comfort and presence that I cannot describe.” For the first time in her life, the Lord’s presence became evident to her. Since that day, the Lord has been a help to her in every moment.

Evidence of the Lord’s provision over Allen’s life is apparent through her years of fruitful ministry. She is the manager of the sewing center at the Busega School for the Deaf and Blind in Busega, Uganda, and she leads a women’s group at King Jesus Church. She has been married to her husband, Pastor Raphael Kajjubi, for 19 years. Pastor Raphael is the Head Pastor of King Jesus Church. Together, they are “blessed with four daughters,” – Charity- 17, Tabitha – 16, Delight – 12, and Selah – 10.

Lifeline’s longstanding relationship with King Jesus Church led to opening the Busega School for the Deaf and Blind together in 2009. The sewing center opened in 2015, which helps support the Busega School and provides employment for women in the community. Later in 2023, King Jesus Church anticipates building a new physical location for the Busega School on the church property. This is a significant accomplishment for Lifeline’s friends and partners and a clear representation of how the Lord has been a constant help to the the Kajjubi family.

In Uganda, children who are born with disabilities like deafness or blindness are often considered to be a curse. As a result, they live as outcasts from society. The Busega School for the Deaf and Blind goes against societal norms to welcome these children and provide them with an education, love, food, and care. Children who are deaf at the school learn to communicate through sign language, leading to some of them learning their own names for the first time.

The most impactful aspect of the Busega School is that children learn about the gospel and their value in Christ. They are shown their worth and identity in light of the gospel. Alongside the school, the local church plays an integral role in discipling believers. Lifeline’s partnership with King Jesus Church truly facilitates the transformation of local communities in Uganda. Allen and Pastor Raphael maintain relationships with pastors throughout rural Uganda who share their desire to spread the gospel. (un)adopted partners with these local pastors to build relationships in their communities. Members of these churches are often learning sign language as a way to further break the stigma on people who are deaf and communicate with children. They are also forming relationships and leading women to the sewing center.

Allen starts her day getting her four girls ready for school, spending the early morning at the sewing center, and then joining the staff at the Busega School for morning devotion. Her role as Manager of the sewing center includes maintenance of the sewing machines, supervising the women who work there, maintaining a clean and safe work environment, and fellowshipping with the women in the Word and prayer.

Through the years, Allen’s ministry at the sewing center has impacted lives throughout the community. Over a decade ago, Diana, a single and “desperate” mother of two, came to the sewing center. Because of her work there, she is now able to pay for food for her children and take them to school. Diana also became a Christian, and, along with her children, she is a member of King Jesus Church. Stories like Diana’s are just one of many instances of people who were searching, and who now know the help of the Lord because of the impact of the local church on the community.

Allen and her family look forward to many more fruitful years of ministry because the Lord has continued to sustain their ministry. Her goal is to “grow this work to a place of sustainability.” The ministry appreciates donations because “we are predominantly sewing for impoverished schools in Busega… any help towards material garments for uniforms for many kids will be appreciated.”

Lifeline families can continue to pray that more women would come to the sewing center for employment and to learn their value through the gospel. They can pray that the Lord will continue to provide resources for building a permanent location for the sewing center and the Busega School for the Deaf and Blind on the campus of King Jesus Church.

Allen asked the Lord, “if He could become my Father,” after she was left alone and without earthly parents. Since that moment, He has shepherded her through this life on earth. Because she deeply knows the truth that God is her Father, she can spread it with assurance to others.