A Story of Pursuit

In August 2022, a family completed their adoption of their two kids, a son (8 at the time) and a daughter (6 at the time). During the family’s two-month post-call with their social worker, the mom stated that their two kids had begun talking about their older sister. Though they didn’t have a lot of memories of her, they couldn’t stop talking about her,  and wondering if she could come live with them. The children longed to see her again. Though the family did not desire to adopt again, both parents wanted to do their due diligence regarding their kids’ eldest sibling. Our team investigated by asking PANI (Costa Rica’s National Child Welfare Agency) if they could find a child that fit their sister’s description. A few weeks later, they alerted us that Maria*  was, in fact, eligible for international adoption. Due to her older age, she was separated from her siblings when they came into care to give the younger children a better chance of being adopted.  

After hearing about Maria, the family immediately began the international adoption process. The family felt that Maria was a part of their family, and they were going to do anything they could to reunite their siblings. On December 18, 2022, the family submitted a letter of intent for Maria.  

While the family was working on their paperwork, PANI allowed for video conferences between the two siblings in the United States and Maria in Costa Rica. They had these calls every week until the family traveled to Costa Rica. From the first call, it was like the kids had spent no time apart. They would spend hours talking, laughing, and reconnecting.  

During this time, they found out that the three siblings had an even older sister, who was 18 years old and out of the childcare system in Costa Rica. Maria and her older sister reconnected, and she shared about her adoption plan. Her sister was supportive and so happy for her younger siblings, knowing that they would be well taken care of. Through this reconnection, the whole family has also been able to connect with the oldest sister and they have exchanged emails and letters with each other.  

On December 18, 2023, a year after the family submitted a letter of intent for Maria, they met Maria in person and began their finalization process in Costa Rica. We rejoice in this story of pursuit, sibling reconnection, and a family’s faithfulness to their children.

*Name changed for confidentiality