5 Podcasts for Families Interested in International Adoption

One of the great aspects of our Defender podcast is the ability for you to hear directly from our staff about updates or changes going on in their areas of ministry. Hearing from the heart of our social workers is a tremendous blessing that has come from these podcasts. If you are a family who is interested in international adoption, we have gathered five podcasts that will give you information and allow you to hear from several of our program directors:


India Adoption with Meredith: Meredith Campbell, India Program Director, tells the story about a family who experienced the Lord’s amazing work in the adoption of their son. She also explains about some recent developments in international adoption in India and how families can make an impact on the children of India.

Meredith Campbell_Square_preview


Eurasia Adoption with Jana: Jana Lombardo, Lifeline’s Eurasia Program Director, discusses her 25-year experience with Lifeline and how she has seen children who have been adopted grow up and thrive. She also explains what adoption looks like in Eurasian countries such as Ukraine, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Kyrgyzstan, Romania, Macedonia, and Latvia.


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China Adoption with Karla: Karla Thrasher, the China Program Director at Lifeline, discusses what it looks like to adopt from China, as well as some of the recent adoption changes implemented by the Chinese government and how those changes may impact families.


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Special Needs Adoption with Rick Morton: Rick, Vice-President of Engagement at Lifeline invites Karla Thrasher, Lifeline’s China Program Director, and Stefanie Leist, mom of 13 and blogger at Ni Hao Y’all and No Hands But Ours They discuss special needs adoption and what that means, including the spectrum of medical special needs and how God impacted Stefanie’s family through special needs adoption.


Rick Morton_preview


Colombia Adoption with Beth Stanley: Beth, Lifeline’s Latin America Program Director, has lived in Colombia for over a year now. She discusses what it’s like to live in the gracious culture of Colombia and how that giving culture spreads into adoption and how their government works for good, loving permanent families for these children. Beth explains what adoption from Colombia generally looks like for a family.


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These podcasts give some great information, but we’d love to share more with you. We offer in-person adoption information meetings as well as informational webinars, which you can access from anywhere. You can choose the date and place that works for you and then sign up to let us know you are coming!

We’d also love to talk with you on the phone at 205-967-0811, or you can email us here!