Advent is a season of ANTICIPATION.

We've always needed a Savior. From the time Adam and Eve chose their own way in the Garden of Eden, to this very moment. Advent is a sweet season of anticipation and celebration of our King who has come and will come again. A time to remember our need, repent of our sin, and rejoice in the salvation and redemption that Christ freely offers us.

Join us this Advent season as we spend intentional time praising the God who came to rescue us! This year we are offering two different sets of advent cards; a daily set offered for churches and a weekly set designed specifically for adoptive families. Both of these are designed to bring your family together around God's word to focus on the hope we have in Christ. You can receive these Advent Cards through a digital copy that you download and print at home for use.

Written with adoptive families in mind, these four Advent Cards contain a weekly Scripture, kid-friendly devotion, adoption-related conversation questions, and a recipe for your family. Even if your children are not adopted, this is a great resource for them to see how Christmas plays a major role in God’s plan to use adoption to redeem us.

1. One day during each week of Advent, sit down as a family and read that week’s Scripture and devotion together.

2. Then, on the back of that week’s card, you’ll find a recipe that corresponds to it. Gather kitchen tools and ingredients you will need to complete the baking activity as a family.

3. Use the conversation questions while you bake a sweet treat! These are meant to be conversation starters for you and your kids as they let their guards down and participate in a time of fun family baking.

The daily advent cards are provided as a free digital resource for churches or families needing an advent plan this season. Written for general family use, these daily Advent cards contain Scripture, a devotion, questions and activities for families to use with their kids. Also, your church can send these out as a special way members can engage in family worship at home during the Advent season.

1. Read the Scripture and devotional on each Advent card together.

2. Complete each activity and/or set of questions on the back of each card. Be sure to get the whole family involved!

3. Then, when you are finished with each day’s card, you can hang them around your home to add to your Christmas décor and remind you to reflect on Christ’s redemption throughout the holiday season.

Each day of Advent, tune in to our Lifeline podcast for an audio devotional to accompany your card for the day.

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