Stocks & Bonds

At Lifeline Children’s Services, we can help you make a lasting difference in the lives of children and families. One way to do this is through planned giving, a charitable donation that leaves a legacy for you and your family.

Whether it be by leaving Lifeline Children’s Services in one’s estate plan or gifting assets while alive (such as stocks), any contribution helps ensure the support of our ministry to bring the gospel to vulnerable children around the world.

To start your journey today complete the form below with your information and send the form to your preferred brokerage for them to initiate the transfer.

For any additional questions, please email [email protected]

Tangible Assets

Your generosity is not limited to writing a check or swiping your card. There are many tangible ways that you can provide the gospel for those who need it. Some examples would be by giving your assets such as a car, land, and more! We look forward to discussing turning these things into training programs, housing grants, adoption scholarships, and even providing bible study materials to vulnerable children throughout the world!

Monthly Giving

Monthly giving is a great way to invest in the ministry of Lifeline Children’s Services. Your monthly gift helps us know that we can depend on your support year-round, leading to greater stability and traction so we can share God’s love with vulnerable children! Consider joining our Vessels of Hope partner community today and watching how your gifts impact eternity.

Every dollar you give goes to help bring gospel hope to vulnerable children all around the world.