Resources For Friends and Family

Is someone you love a foster or adoptive parent… or perhaps he or she is planning to be? Do you feel overwhelmed by the prospect of caring for that individual or couple as they travel down this unknown path? We want to help equip you! Here are some brief videos that will greatly assist you in learning how to walk beside and support your friends or family members as they seek to fulfill God’s calling on their lives.

Adoptive and foster families, here is a collection of videos that will aid your friends and family as they put forth their best efforts to come alongside you on your foster care or adoptive journey. Hopefully, these short videos will practically summarize much of what you feel they need to know regarding adoption and foster care and how they can spiritually, emotionally, and tangibly support you in your life ministry.


  • How to Support and Encourage Adoptive and Foster Families
  • How to Interact with Children who have been Adopted and Children who are in Care
  • Why Children Might Act Differently: Understanding Attachment
  • Why Children Might Act Differently: Delays and Differences
  • How to Manage Difficult Behaviors
  • Why there is a Need for Overall Sensitivity: Sensitivity to the Emotional Needs of Adoptive and Foster Families
  • How to Show Sensitivity toward Adoptive and Foster Families: Language Sensitivity

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