NEW CHINA PROGRAM! Kids of Hope: Shining Light on the Shared List

Lifeline’s international adoption program in China is excited to announce our participation in a new program giving us the chance to advocate for hundreds of waiting children in China. Lifeline was asked to participate in a program implemented by the central authority of adoption in China, the CCCWA, to help advocate for children whose files have been waiting on the shared list.


While many children’s files are assigned to particular agencies to be advocated for through orphanage partnerships and other individual list programs, the CCCWA also maintains a list, the shared list, of children that are not assigned to a particular agency and can only be accessed by adoption agencies.

At the beginning of the summer there were over 2,200 children on the shared list.

Because the list is protected, and can only be accessed by agencies, many of these children remain faceless to prospective adoptive families. With the combined effort of the CCCWA, advocacy website, and three other agencies, we are working to give a face and a name to these precious waiting children. These children are Lifeline’s Kids of Hope. As we seek to shine a light on China’s shared list, we pray for the hope of loving families for every waiting child.

Lifeline is honored to have been assigned several hundred of these children’s files. Over the next 6 months we have the privilege of advocating for these children who have been waiting. We will be able to post photos and brief information about each child on and our waiting child portal.

In addition to advocating for these children, our team in China will be working to collect updated information on the children on this list. Children placed on the shared list often have more significant medical special needs, and we are excited for the chance to advocate for these children, as Lifeline values all life and believes these children were created perfectly by God.

We are excited to be chosen for this opportunity but will also be open to transferring files of older children/medically fragile children to other agencies that may have families ready to submit Letter of Intent. We are excited to begin sharing the Lifeline’s Kids of Hope and pray the Lord will draw families to the waiting children of China. If you have any questions about Lifeline’s Kids of Hope or would like to help advocate, please contact [email protected].

To view these children and their files, click here: