What is the Hope Adoption Fund?

The Hope Adoption Fund exists to support children in need of a family. By providing scholarships for adopting families and assistance to children needing advocacy, this fund helps remove one of the largest barriers for families navigating the adoption process⁠—finances.

You can remove the barrier between waiting children & hopeful families.

The Hope Adoption Fund is designed to help Lifeline international and domestic families adopting children with significant medical or special needs. Through this fund, Lifeline also desires to provide scholarships for children attending camps or hosting programs, which enables better advocacy for waiting children.

The Hope Adoption Fund committee meets on a monthly basis to review applications and determine if a scholarship can be rewarded.

Because of generous donors, Lifeline was able to give 89 families $107,670 in scholarships in 2021. You can be part of giving hope to children and families by donating to The Hope Adoption Fund below.

Family Testimonials

The Miller Family

“When we set out to adopt Penelope & Lincoln from China last year, we had already counted the cost, and knew it would not be insignificant. Finances can often be a barrier for people when they are discerning their call to adopt. We knew we had to work hard and work fast to fundraise if we were serious about being a forever family to these children. We immediately started looking for grants and loans and anything that could help us cross the finish line. Lifeline didn’t wait for us to ask for help. They knew our need was great. They knew we had so much on our plate, and without any prompting, stepped in to help us not only apply for other grants and loans, but by giving us a ministerial grant as well! That was huge. To know right out the gate that we had that kind of support and care really put a lot of wind in our sails and encouraged us on to be able to bring our kids home back in August.”

The Buchanan Family

“Today we had an appointment at the US embassy to receive Gabby’s visa. We had to hop around to different office windows gathering different documents. Each window gave us a slip with her given name at birth since her name has not legally been changed to Gabby yet. The slips all read: Sindhu Unknown. Sindhu Unknown. For 13 months, our baby’s surname was Unknown. Talk about heart ache. . . Praising God for the gift of adoption. Praising Him that He modeled adoption for us. Praising Him that all of our names in His eyes are children of God. Huge praises that he has gifted us with our little Gabby Marie Sindhu Buchanan. Unknown no longer.”