Hope Schlossman, LBSW

Kansas Social Worker

Laura Fletcher, LGSW

Alabama Foster Care Social Worker

Mary Beth Bragg, LBSW

Tennessee Social Worker & Pregnancy Counselor

Dana Stewart

Domestic Administrative Coordinator

Christie Mac Segars

Vice President of Domestic Programs

Rachel Hall

Pregnancy Counselor

Megan Word, LMSW

Kansas State Supervisor/Caseworker

Renee Griffin, LBSW

Alabama Domestic Social Worker

Kara Erben, LBSW

Domestic Social Worker and Pregnancy Counselor

Tori Peele, LGSW

Alabama Social Worker

Sherry Starling, LBSW

Central Alabama Case Worker

Brittany Thurmond, MSW

Georgia Social Worker

Libby Daugherty, MSW

Georgia International Social Worker

Taylor Mauldin

Georgia Case Worker

Anna Marie Cole

Georgia Case Worker

Vicki Whitlock

Mississippi Social Worker

Casey Voorhees, LGSW

SC Program Manager& MS Supervisor