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Even though international adoption fees can fluctuate, we seek to provide a current and comprehensive list of all fees included throughout the adoption process. Peru Fee Sheet


Please visit to learn more about Lifeline’s Peru advocate Mike Kennedy and New Life Children’s Home and how they are reaching orphans daily. New Life Children’s Home allows children who have been abandoned by their parents and have been left homeless on the streets to have a place to call home. New Life Children’s […]


A. Christian Commitment As a ministry, Lifeline works with Christian families desiring to adopt as part of a calling and commitment we have been led to. As a part of this, we also ask that you complete two forms (Doctrinal Statement & Christian Questionnaire) that you can access online. We ask that parents have a […]

Fact Sheet

Peru is South America’s third largest country, covering 1,285,220 sq. km. It is located along the west coast of South America and borders Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Chile and Bolivia. Peru is a beautiful country with a rich history. It is well-known for Machu Picchu, the ancient Incan city ruins, and the Amazon rainforest. Ancient Peru […]

Our Program

Lifeline Children’s Services is a full service agency providing international adoption services for Peru to families across the U.S. Our agency is licensed in the states of Alabama, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina, or Washington State, but we still provide our services to families in all 50 states (if you live in a state other […]


Needing A Home Due to poverty and high birth rates, there are many children in Peru who have been abandoned or live on the streets. The numbers are staggering, as hundreds of thousands of children are in need of a permanent home. Peruvian adoption is an excellent way for families and single parents alike to add to […]