Mission Kid is a perfect missions complement to your camp, Backyard Bible Club, or other summer ministry program for children. We take the stress out of planning and preparing a missions emphasis by giving you all the tools you need in a convenient, free download. Included in the Mission Kid download are 5 animated video segments, take-home activity pages for children with optional parent involvement activities, poster templates, PowerPoint slides, and a step-by-step implementation guide.

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Take a Stand for Orphans

Together, kids everywhere are finding ways to help Lifeline as we minister to orphaned and vulnerable children just like Godwin and Winner -- and you can too!

1. Go to standfororphans.com to sign up and download your free kit full of ideas and fun things to help you make your own stand.

2. Decide what kind of stand you want to have: lemonade, popsicles, cookies, or even dog treats. It’s your choice!

3. Tell people about your stand. You can pass out flyers and invite your friends and neighbors.

4. Gather up supplies and set up your stand in a good location. Get ready to tell lots of people about kids like Godwin and Winner.

5. Share the results of your stand and add your proceeds to the total with kids from everywhere at standfororphans.com.

Stand for Orphans is a great way to help that was started BY kids FOR kids. Together we can make a huge difference for kids around the world.

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