Lifeline has been granted a very special opportunity in China. We have formed a relationship, under the guidance of the CCCWA (formerly CCAA), with an orphanage in Yinchuan, China. Along with the privilege of finding homes for these precious children, we will also be partnering with the orphanage from a humanitarian perspective, providing support in many areas, including Lifeline’s medical mission trips to China throughout the year.

If you are adopting a child from one of our orphanage partnerships, $600.00 will be due at the receipt of your Pre-Approval (approximately two weeks after the submission of your Letter of Intent). This fee breaks down into the following:

  • $140.00 – special needs on-line processing fee
  • $70.00 – medical fee
  • $80.00 -file translation fee
  • $10.00 – wiring fee
  • $300.00 – Orphanage Partnership Fund (*please see below for details)

*To best provide the on-going support that we have promised to our orphanage partnerships, we will be collecting $300 from each family adopting a child from one of our orphanage partnerships. This payment will be collected when the Letter of Intent (LOI) documents are submitted for the child and will be designated for the Orphanage Partnership Fund. The Orphanage Partnership Fund will help provide the following services:

  • Any necessary medical testing such as MRI, CAT Scan, Blood Tests, etc. for the children.
  • Training for staff from physical therapy techniques to dietary recommendations.
  • Monetary funding to send a medical team to China regularly to conduct examinations on the children.
  • Thorough reports provided to interested families for each child from our orphanage partnerships from an American pediatrician and physical therapist.

Lifeline families may put a child they are interested in on hold for one week from one of our orphanage partnership lists. Putting a child on hold from one of our orphanage partnership lists is very different than locking a file of a child from the shared list.

The Lifeline family must meet the China requirements in order to place a child on hold. If a waiver of any kind is needed, the Lifeline caseworker will check with our China facilitator to determine if a waiver can be obtained for that particular child.

If the one week needs to be extended for any period of time, this will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Lifeline understands that circumstances exist that will not allow a family to gather all of the information needed to make their decision within this one week time-frame.

Many families request to view our waiting child files from our orphanage partnership lists and several families may be reviewing a child’s file at one time. At any given time, a child’s file can go on hold.  If a Lifeline family has a child on hold and has not made the decision to submit the LOI (letter of intent) documents, a family that is already LID (log in date) with Lifeline, will be considered in the best interest of that child.

Once a Lifeline family makes their decision to move forward for a particular child on one of the orphanage partnership lists, the family must submit all of the LOI  documents in order to receive PA ( preliminary approval) from China.

To learn more about any of these children, please contact Emily Flynt at or call 205.967.0811. If you are already a Lifeline family, please contact your social worker that you are currently working with for more information about the child you are interested in below.

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We work with a wonderful organization, the International Adoption Clinic at UAB, located in Birmingham, AL, that can help you learn what might be involved medically with each child before you adopt. The International Clinic can also provide physical and occupational therapy as well as medical expertise after you adopt your child. They are wonderful in helping your family to be better prepared for your special needs child as well as a wonderful place to take your child after you return home from China.

*Please note that we are publishing only when a child has been matched and PA (preliminary approval) has been received from China. Lifeline will maintain internal “holds” for children and continue to form a list of interest as requests are received.

**MATCHED children are not available for adoption!

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