Worthy Curriculum (currently being finalized)

What determines the worth of a woman?

The world often looks to circumstances, desired behavior, and the opinions of others as the currency of value. As believers, we know that God alone defines the value of every person because each one was made in His image.

The heart of a woman who has experienced an unplanned pregnancy longs to hear this steadfast truth: she is worthy because she is clothed in God’s bestowed value and love. Therefore, she is worthy of our care. She is worthy of dignity. She is worthy to hear the gospel.

In response to this need, Lifeline has developed a mentorship resource for the local church. This 10-session resource, entitled Worthy, facilitates a one-to-one relationship between women—a trained mentor and a woman has experienced an unplanned pregnancy. They will journey through practical topics such as value, identity, grief, and hope as they also explore the person of God and the good news of His gospel.

You can join us in helping women hear the message that they are worthy through positive and supportive mentor relationships.

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