Why We R(un)

On August 20th hundreds of people from all over the United States (and world) will lace up their running shoes to join Lifeline and (un)adopted for our 5th Annual R(un) for One.

There are approximately 153 million orphaned and vulnerable children in the world. It’s hard to wrap our minds around that number. Yet, this number does not begin to cover the depth of the orphan crisis. Of these children, only .5% will ever be adopted. This means our care for the orphan has to extend beyond adoption.

(un)adopted steps in and seeks to reach orphaned and vulnerable children with the hope of the gospel and equip them with the life skills needed to bring about community transformation.

This is why we run for one.

The number 153 million can leave us paralyzed, fearing that we cannot make a difference. We cannot change 153 million, but we can bring hope to one. And from that one we see a ripple effect of hope and change.

When you run for one, you provide the opportunity for a little boy in China, who once sat alone in an orphanage, receive a wheelchair and the gift of mobility for the first time. Seeing the joy on his face has caused his surrounding community to take notice and see the change that comes through love and care.


When you run for one, you provide the opportunity for brothers like Godwin and Winner in Togo to receive life skills and education training that allows them to provide for their community. Godwin and Winner recently attended a Vocational Training Program provided by (un)adopted and a local partner in Togo. Each young man decided to learn a different skill so that when the training was over, they would be able to provide for their orphanage in greater ways. Godwin and Winner are now providing for their orphanage and using their skills to bless others. Even more importantly than learning valuable trades, Godwin and Winner grew in their understanding of the gospel and were impacted by the life-changing grace and love of Christ.


When you run for one, you provide the opportunity for a child like Jesse to attend the Busega Community School for the Deaf and Blind in Uganda. Because of his deafness, Jesse was cast out by his family. Jesse is now learning how to communicate through sign language and hearing the gospel for the first time. His family is learning to see his worth and value, and God is strengthening his family.


When you run for one, you provide a chance for children like Jerome to attend a life skill camp in Liberia. Jerome learned the skill of masonry and is using his skills to repair buildings at his orphanage. He recently began construction on a small building for a church. In his time at the camp, Jerome learned that God has a purpose for his life and has gifted him in specific ways. Jerome is thriving in using his gifts and skills to bless others.


The Lord has allowed (un)adopted to be part of each of these children’s lives. We are seeing the impact they are having on their community and shining the light of Christ into the darkness. When you run for one, you are joining in what the Lord is doing in drawing orphaned and vulnerable children to Himself.

Will you join us and R(un) for One on August 20th by being a part of how the Lord is transforming the lives of His children through the ministry of (un)adopted?

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Krystal Brummitt, Lifeline Staff and (un)adopted trip participant