Who We Are

Lifeline has been bringing gospel hope and a future to orphaned children for over 40 years. Today, we have over 200 staff members on the phone, in meetings, and out in the field all working together to find incredible families for children in need of a loving, caring home. Lifeline has become known in adoption circles for putting the interest of the child first and specializing in quality training and education for our families. As a result we maintain an excellent relationship with adoption authorities both in the US and also in the international countries we serve.

Back in 1981, John Carr, a retired social worker approached Wales Goebel, founder of Sav-a-Life (a crisis pregnancy ministry), with a desire to begin an adoption agency that would be a viable extension of the crisis pregnancy ministry. Mr. Carr felt the need to provide young girls with an avenue to carry their child to term, and if they so desired, be able to place the child through adoption. The vision was to provide an outreach ministry to mothers in crisis, children needing loving care, and families craving the blessings of a child. Lifeline Children’s Services was founded to find loving, Christian homes for children who were being given the gift of life from their birthmothers.

In 1984, Lifeline Village was founded to meet not only a young lady’s spiritual needs, but her emotional, physical, social and intellectual ones as well. Many birthmothers needed a refuge and safe haven to retreat to in the wake of a crisis pregnancy. Lifeline Village fills that need by placing girls into a stable and nurturing home environment where consistent love, discipline and direction is given by a married Christian couple who serves as house parents. Lifeline Village contains 2 homes which can house up to eight each, on 80 acres in Pell City, Alabama.

In 2000, Lifeline expanded its outreach to international adoption, developing an International Adoption Program to China, in 2003 Ukraine was added, and later in 2004 Guatemala. Each year additional countries have been added and now Lifeline is presently involved in 15 countries.

Through our agency hundreds of orphans from around the globe are being placed into loving Christian homes. Since the founding in 1981, Lifeline has placed almost 2,500 orphaned children into loving Christian homes, and ministered to over 3,000 women in crisis. Through all of the God-given resources and facets of our agency, Lifeline seeks to make an investment in the lives of children, mothers in the wake of crisis, families wanting the blessing of a child, and orphans around the globe needing a home in which they can see and hear the gospel. We would love for you to join us in bringing gospel hope to vulnerable children around the world.