What is "Mission Kid"

March 31, 2016 admin Blog

What is “Mission Kid”

Mission Kids is an opportunity to take your kids ministry global by exploring ways to impact children across the world. This program will be a way to have a missions emphasis for a few minutes each day or week during your church programs: VBS, Back Yard Bible Club, Sunday School curriculums, Home School Co-Ops, etc.
As a participant in the Lifeline Children’s Services “Mission Kids” curriculum, you will join in the effort that we are called to in James 1:27 to care for orphan and vulnerable children.  In this five day program you will learn the basics of orphan care as well as hear the story of four different children in varying circumstances.  These children all come from challenging pasts where often times their basic needs are not met.  The stories that are told about these children are filled with redemption and hope.  They illustrate how great the need is for orphan care and the way others can help meet this need.


Funds raised during this time will go to the general care of the children you learn about, their education, and their spiritual discipleship. It is a meaningful and tangible way to get involved in caring for children.


Along with serving orphan and vulnerable children, your own children will be educated about the needs of others around the world.  Your kids will be given the opportunity to step into another child’s shoes and think outside of themselves.  They can relate to each other as kids and despite their many differences, find that they are bound together by a common factor, all being children of God.

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