What does the (un)adopted R(un) for One support?

Your participation in the #RunforOne 5K on August 22nd will impact the lives of orphans in FIVE different countries!



What does (un)adopted do in China? One year ago, we moved 13 children into the Lifeline Foster Center from one of the hardest orphanages in China. Many were malnourished and almost all had experienced extreme neglect. We began to see them change within weeks as they experienced being loved, cared for, and taught in a smaller, more intimate environment. We’ve also had opportunities to pour into their caregivers, many of whom have become Believers! To learn more, watch this video.


What does (un)adopted do in Uganda? In Uganda, we partnered with Pastor Raphael and King Jesus Church to open a school for children who are deaf, a school for children who are blind, and are in the beginning stages of opening a sewing center that will help employ some of the families of these kiddos as well as church members.

These children didn’t know how to communicate before – deafness is seen as being cursed in Uganda. At the school, they are learning to communicate for the first time, receiving an education, and hearing the Gospel daily. They are very involved in the church, as are many of their family members, and church members are learning sign language so they can communicate with them. To learn more, watch this video.


What does (un)adopted do in the Dominican Republic? In the Dominican Republic, we partner with Niños de la Luz, a boys home where 15 boys live in a family-style environment. We recently hosted our first caregiver training at NDLL, where we poured into the caregivers and helped them better understand the trauma that many of the boys in their care have faced. To learn more, click here.


What does (un)adopted do in Togo? In Togo, we recently launched a Vocational Training Program for older orphans where we partner with a local Togolese ministry to teach skills such as animal breeding, farming, and raising chickens. They also engage in spiritual formation and learn how to apply what they’ve been taught in daily life. To learn more, click here.


What does (un)adopted do in Liberia? In Liberia, we offer life skill camps for older orphans, discipleship programs to follow up between camps, and are beginning an orphanage directors network to help local directors see the importance of investing in these children with life skills! To learn more, watch this video.

Timeline pic #2To register to participate in the R(un) for One 5K  + Kids Fun Run on August 22nd in Birmingham, Atlanta, Louisville, Raleigh, or to “Run Where You Are”, visit!