Watching Him Work

Hear from an (un)adopted trip participant who recently traveled to the China Foster Center:

My recent visit to Lifeline’s Foster Center was wonderful. Our purpose was to provide several days of vacation for the nannies during the Chinese New Year. Our days were simple but full as we cared for thirteen children aged eleven months to six years old. It was good to be reminded that the Lord can use us in very simple ways, and in everyday events such as feeding, diapering, bathing and loving on children.

Dina BlogYes, I cried when I left, but for much different reasons than when I visited orphanages in other countries.

When I left an orphanage in Guatemala with older boys or several orphanages in Pakistan full of children, my heart was heavy for the hard earthly existence they would have. My burden and prayer for those children was that the Lord would open their eyes to the Gospel because no one was coming to adopt them. No one was going to bring them into their home to call them son or daughter and teach them about Christ. It was possible but highly unlikely.

After 3 ½ days in the foster center, I knew the Lord had allowed me to be a part of watching Him at work.

These children are loved and cared for well by their nannies, and some will soon meet their forever family! I have never left an orphanage so full of joy from seeing how the Lord is working. It was an honor and privilege to join Lifeline’s team to China, and I am grateful for the opportunity!

Dina Long, (un)adopted board member and trip participant

Check out this special video about the Lifeline Foster Center in China HERE.