Banquet Committee:

The banquet committee is essential to Lifeline’s largest fundraising event of the year. The committee will consist of 8-10 individuals who are passionate about Lifeline and committed to giving their time and talents to make the night as special as possible. The committee will begin meeting 3-4 months prior to the banquet and meet twice a month to go over ideas and needs for the event. Examples of committee roles include: helping secure auction items, logistical planning, assisting our design team to help make specific projects come to life, and helping coordinate other event volunteers. Members should plan on attending the event as a volunteer. We encourage diverse skill sets and personalities as there is plenty of opportunity for you to add value to this group given the vast array of tasks.  

Pre-Event Volunteers: 

  • In-kind donations and event sponsorships 
    • This team assists staff with acquiring in-kind donation items from businesses and outside vendors for our silent auction and other event needs. They will also help reach out to businesses to present event sponsorship opportunities. This process begins at least four months prior to banquet.
  • Load-out – men strongly encouraged! 
    • This team is a crucial part of our setup the afternoon before the banquet. It requires 8-10 strong individuals who are prepared to move heavy objects and commit four hours of their afternoon. The load-out team will work under direction of our A/V leader to unload the trucks and set up the stage and all its components for the following evening.
  • Venue set up – booths & décor  
    • This team will come to the venue the afternoon before and/or day-of the banquet and assist with booth and décor set up. This includes registration tables, auction tables, merchandise tables, tablescapes for the ballroom, and any other set up needs that may arise.
  • Floral arrangements 
    • The floral team will come to the event venue the afternoon prior to the banquet and assist with creating about 100 floral arrangements for the tables and event space. Floral experience is preferred, but definitely not required. We love to see the creativity that comes out of this team and how they transform the event space as they work.

Day-of Volunteers: 

  • Registration & check-in 
    • This team will welcome and check guests into the event and inform them of their table seat assignments. Following check-in, they will direct guests to the lobby area for a pre-dinner experience of engaging with Lifeline staff, coffee tastings, photo booth access, a silent auction, and more.
  • Booth hosts & guest engagement 
    • This team will be primarily set up throughout the lobby area as guests arrive until dinner in the ballroom begins. Their job is to make guests feel welcome, engaged, and create a fun environment through helping host the different booths scattered around the room. They will assist guests with purchasing Lifeline merchandise, serve beverages at our coffee tasting tables and Stand for Orphans, and help maintain a neat and tidy display of the booth where they are stationed.
  • Auction team 
    • This team is responsible for all things silent auction, including: auction table maintenance, bidder updates, and check-out. They ensure that the tables are inviting, neat and orderly, and each item has a corresponding bid sheet. Auction runners will inform guests of bids they have won and give instructions on check-out and picking up their items. This team also collects payments during the auction check-out process and makes sure the correct items go home with the correct bidders.
  • Venue/décor clean-up 
    • This team is responsible for clearing the lobby and ballroom of anything Lifeline–specific, such as tablescape decor, floral centerpieces, merchandise, auction supplies, etc. It is important that they clean in an organized and efficient fashion, carefully preparing items to be loaded onto the truck at the end of the night.
  • Stage breakdown/load Up – men strongly encouraged! 
    • This team is a crucial part of our breakdown at the conclusion of the program. We need 8-10 strong individuals who are prepared to lift heavy objects and commit four hours of their evening, running late into the night. This team works under the direction of our A/V leader to breakdown the stage and load the trucks to return everything to Lifeline’s office.