Urgent: Find Ricky a Family

June 30, 2016 rachelmiley Blog

Meet Ricky from Colombia!

Ricky Colombia Waiting Child

Ricky is 15.5 years old and will be aging out soon. He needs family – and fast! We need a family who can work on their home study and dossier right now (or is already 800A approved) so that they can be matched with him before his 16th birthday. His only special need is that he is an older child.

He’s residing an orphanage where our local church partners in Colombia serve regularly, so we have a lot of people loving on him and sending us updates. ICBF and the orphanage have verified his desire to be adopted by a family and that he is open to moving to the USA. We do have a donor who is willing to significantly help with a family’s adoption expenses if they are willing to proceed with him. 

Here’s a little more on Ricky: He loves being outdoors and participating in recreational activities. He loves going to the park and playing sports, especially soccer. He is very outgoing, makes friends easily and is able to express his emotions well. He is a boy that is very joyful, caring, humble and friendly. He shows an interest and ability with anything relate to working and fixing computers.

We have more photos and summaries coming in on him now, as well as a referral file in Spanish that we can review with an interested family. We are needing a family as soon as possible for him!

How Can You Help?

  • Adopt: Is the Lord calling you to consider adopting Ricky? Please don’t hesitate to ask questions and pray about whether this may be an option for your family.
  • Advocate: Share our social media posts about Ricky, reach out to families you know who may be called to adopt Ricky, spread the word about his need for a family!
  • Pray: For a family to be called to be a forever home for Ricky, for his heart, and for the Lord’s plan for his life.
  • Give: Adoption can be expensive, and has the potential to be a deterrent to families considering the call. Your financial gift could make a difference in children’s lives being changed forever through family. www.lifelinechild.org/give


Your prayers and advocacy are always appreciated! Contact beth.stanley@lifelinechild.org or call (205)967-0811 for more information. 

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