Uplifting and Transforming Lives

Imagine a world where no one has ever been able to communicate with you—a world where you’ve never been able to express your feelings, your fears, your dreams, or anything.

This scenario is the reality for many children who are born deaf or blind in the developing world. Specifically, children who are born deaf or blind in Uganda are often abandoned, abused, and mistreated. (un)adopted® is amazed and humbled by how the Lord has used our partnership in Busega, Uganda to uplift the dignity of human life and transform the lives of children who have been viewed and treated as outcasts their whole lives. We have the great privilege of being a part of helping children and their surrounding community to see the value that God bestows on all lives.


In Uganda, (un)adopted® partners with Pastor Raphael and King Jesus Church. Together we opened the Busega Community School for the Deaf and Blind, and, now, children from the community are able to learn to communicate through sign language, receive an education, thrive in the love and acceptance they experience for the first time in their lives, and most importantly, hear the gospel of Jesus Christ. We see time and time again, how when we are faithful to do what the Lord has called us to do, He moves and transforms lives!

Because the gospel has permeated the community, members of the local church have become involved in the lives of these students and are learning sign language, as well. We serve a good God who values each and every life he creates. He makes no mistakes, and we are thankful for the small part we get to play in what He is doing in Busega, Uganda.